About Australian Essential Oils

Australian Essential Oils and Botanical Gifts is an Australian company that believes in supporting Australian FARMERS.
We are proud NATIVE Australians just like our Best Australian Essential Oils.   Single Origin Botanical Certified Essential OIls.

For many years, we have travelled to Australia and I am passionate about all things Australia. From the mountains to the sea and desserts between.  Our great southern land with such unique Fauna and Flora. Growing up in a country town of the other side of the Blue Mountains in NSW hearing stories and tales about early explorers and bushrangers. visiting many a monument of significance was a testament of the ‘good old days.
Yet, it was that distant blue haze, the sight of silent majestic trees and that certain smell of our Iconic ‘native’ aromas that captured my heart.

My grandmother never let me leave home without two trusty bottles of ‘cure’. One bottle of Eucalyptus and one bottle of Tea Tree. Two Australians in the top 5 Essential Oils of the world are Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, yet there are many uniques varieties of both – for example Lemon Tea or Lavender Tea Tree (Rosalina). Over time other species have been discovered yet the world has little awareness of their wellbeing properties.

Later travelling to and from Sydney, I longed for the smell of the trees. Today, my two trusty oils became a collection of over 30 beautiful, beneficially healthy essential oils of Australia.”Our trees and bushes, grown in our country, under our sun, in our climate and in locations where they too are happy and healthy.”  100% Pure & Natural Australian Native Botanical Essential Oils.

Harvested from the wild whilst others are ethically farmed for sustainability. Passionately produced by Australian farmers and exported worldwide.

Everyone’s journey is personal and we all heal in different ways. With this in mind, it is our aim to share our knowledge with as many people as possible.
It is our endeavour to educate people about the history and benefits of Australia Native Essential Oils.

Australia’s gifts from NATURE purify the air and enhance our state of well-being.

We describe our well-being as balance within the four pillars of health:

Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual

Our sense of smell goes straight to the brain and affects our foundation in all four pillars of health.

We invite you to join our journey to Health & Wellbeing and to “UN-LOCK THE POWER of SMELL”.

There is a bit of history and some trivia along the way. It is a pleasure for us to bring it to you.

For it’s when the hills look blue and our eucalypts sway,
we hear that certain sound and then,  “that certain smell.”
For it is then, we truly know the “Spirit of Australia.”

Thank you for visiting Australian Essential Oils and Botanical Gifts.

With Love and Gratitude Jenni

Jenni at Uluru, it is the largest sandstone monolith in the world. Right in the heart of the Northern Territory’s arid “Red Centre”


The smell of the lemon ironbark is so relaxing and I received it on Friday the 19th of may and I’m glad for cause it’s starting to get rid of a headache and might even finally give me a good nights sleep.
Shannon H.

Jenni has excellent knowledge on Australian essential oils and follows her intuition when creating amazing blends!
Trish Nash.