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Christmas Story – Be Present – giving and receiving Gifts


Christmas is time PEACE, LOVE, JOY and HAPPINESS.
Christmas is a space in TIME and a space in the Australian culture,  a true space in our hearts.
No snow, yet we share the outdoor feel of the Australian summer.
It’s a time NSW Christmas Bush to flower – a time for joy – a time for sharing – a time for being PRESENT in the HERE and  NOW – a time for sharing GIFTS.

PRESENT – Is a time to be grateful for TIME and being PRESENT in the MOMENT.
It’s a time to be present, in the here and now, for next year you may only be present in spirit.

GIFT – is an object give freely. “something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show favour toward someone, honour an occasion, or make a gesture of assistance.”

So if we are not PRESENT next Christmas, we will be present amongst your angels sharing your joy, watching you open your gifts.

I am a proud Australian and I personally cherish my heritage.