How My Passion For Essential Oils Began

Australian Essential Oils

My passion for living with nature started many years ago listening to stories, of old, from my grandmother. Always fresh produce in the garden and chickens to chase, picking blackberries when on picnics and hearing about how my grandfather set up a new survival community out in the bush during the great depression.  City kids were also sent to the country for safety during the war and my Dad, then a youngster, delighted teaching those city kids a thing or two.  
Our medicines too were things from the bush, tress, leaves and bark. My Gran had a cure for almost everything. I never left home without two original bottles of Blue Gum and Tea Tree

Australian Green and Gold Trio
Jenni at Uluru standing beside Pukara
essential oils

Tree Essential Oils

It was this early passion instilled in me that made my heart want to visit Australia’s trees of significance. To look at them, hug them, and learn what the trees tell us about our “Spirit of Australia”

Natural gifts from Trees.
Some trees, stand as landmarks of a forgotten time and place, ever watching over us in silence and knowledge of the ever changing times. Others provide joy and happiness to be one with nature shaded by Majestics. Craftsmen perfected their trade from these statured treasure and industries prospered from the beautiful and bountiful,

Healing Trees

Blue Gum and Australian Tee Tree.

Many years ago during holidays in a blue “Hippy Van” my husband and I began our journeys “on the road” visiting our significant landmarks and me hugging trees. Of course with my two bottle first aid kit. During 2015 near the Northern Rivers of NSW my spirit was awaken by the rustle of leaves. That “ Spirit of Australia” tugged at my heart and the message received. “ Please tell our story of our healing trees.” Australian Essential Oils was born and the two trusty bottles became a collection.
“The Beginning”:  Traditional owners along the east coast of Australia were the first people in the world to use plants and leaves for medicinal purposes. Many years prior to the Egyptians. Indigenous Australian artifacts gifted to our government and tests proved they dated over 7,000 years ago.
Although the Government promised recognition, world wide,  it never happened. It’s my time to Gratefully THANK our Indigenous Australian Generations and our pioneers for 100% Pure & Natural Australian Essential Oil.

spirit of Australia