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  • Australian Green and Gold Trio

    Australian Green and Gold Essential Oil Trio


    Country of Origin: Australia

    Eucalyptus Australiana – the softer more pleasant aroma, yes a gentle GIANT that appeals to the entire family, children and the elderly specifically.
    Botanical Name Eucalyptus radiata 
    Country of Origin: Australia

    Eucalyptus Lemon Ironbark Eucalyptus staigeriana is our country’s HERO, powerful and strong large ancient trees. His aroma is a beautiful Woody LEMON fragrance.
    Botanical Name: Eucalyptus staigeriana
    Country of Origin: Australia

    Eucalyptus Peppermint GumEucalyptus dives brings MENTAL Clarity and also assists with BREATHING. This pleasant Woody, Pepper, Mint aroma is our source of MENTHOL and THYMOL.  Yes, for vapour rubs and steam inhalations too
    Botanical Name: Eucalyptus dives
    Country of Origin: Australia

    ” Green and Gold is a perfect gift from the Soul of Country Australia ” 

    $30 per Trio

  • Balm Mint Bush

    Balm Mint Bush Essential Oil 12ml


    Botanical Name:    Prostanthera melissifolia
    Country of origin: Australia


    Australian Balm Mint Bush (Prostanthera melissifolia)


    A Fresh scent reminiscent of the Australian Bush. It is an intensely beautiful spicy, mint herbaceous aroma.

    Refreshing uplifting, rich mint aroma, with a gentle hint of eucalyptus note.
    Naturally grows in southern Victoria and south-east New South Wales.
    It provides an uplifting cleansing feeling just like a breath of fresh air.  Some people may pick up a gentle pine note and prefer this to eucalyptus.

    Beneficial for bronchial chest congestion, colds, flu and headaches.
    The freshness is grounding, purifying and provides a “heart feeling” of peace.
    Australian Balm Mint Bush is an amazing grounding essential oil.  Inhale deeply and sometimes it may even make your feet tingle.

    The leaves from which the essential oil is derived are described as anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal and calmative.
    They are used externally in the treatment of colds, clear the chest and good for headaches.

    Gives a “heart Feeling” of Peace.
    In hale deeply and maybe feel your feet will tingle too!


  • Emerald Cypress Essential Oil

    Emerald Cypress Essential Oil 12ml

    Botanical Name:    Callitris columellaris  (C. glaucophylla)
    Country of origin: Australia

    Australian Emerald Cypress Essential Oil  CO2 (Callitris columellaris)  when extracted, has a lovely fresh, woody, pine and mint aroma, with a gentle hint of fresh Eucalyptus.


    A unique emerald coloured essential oil that has a calming, grounding, relaxing effect. It is also good for meditation.

    Australian Emerald Cypress CO2 Essential Oil contains powerful antiviral properties, which made it a remedy to treat warts, cold sores, and viruses. Its anti-inflammatory qualities make it a clear choice for the treatment of muscle aches and skin conditions, while its antiseptic properties make it a fantastic natural ingredient in household cleaners.

    Emerald cypress essential oil is obtained from the wood. Emerald cypress is an evergreen tree native to Australia. The tree grows in dry inland areas to a height of about 100 feet, has dark-grey bark, dark green leaves, and small seed cones. The tree is also known as Bribe Island pine and sand cypress pine.


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