Sandalwood Nut Oil 12ml


Botanical Name:        Santalum spicatum
Country of Origin:     Australia WA


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Sandalwood Nut Oil is best described as a well rounded, nourishing oil for skin rejuvenation. This pure, unadulterated oil has known natural skin repair, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties.


Processed from the Sandalwood Nut – Santalum spicatum fairly odourless but may have a slight a hint of sandalwood.

Integral to Sandalwood Nut Oil is its naturally occurring Ximenynic Acid, an anti-inflammatory lipid known for its effective work on skin hydration, elasticity and regeneration as it absorbs into the surface blood vessels of the skin.

Sandalwood nuts are rich in the fatty acid oleic acid, common in many seed oils and popular as carrier oils for natural skincare products. It is popular for its valuable contribution to skin health, hair products and as a natural botox and known to stimulate hair growth.

Anecdotal evidence is that early Australian aborigines, after cracking the hard nut case, rubbed the nuts on warts where the oil eventually removed them. They also consumed the nuts for nutrition as they contain 28% Omega 9 as well as smaller amounts of Omega 3 & 6.

Sandalwood nut oil has also shown to relieve Rosacea – flushing or persistent facial redness.


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Safety and Precautions

Safety and Precautions

No known safety issues, moisturising oil. Can be used as facial carrier oil.

Keep out of reach of children, store away from sunlight and below 30°.

Please also see general SAFETY FIRST BLOG for detailed information

Disclaimer: This information is provided purely for informational purposes only, and does not in any way purport to be medical or prescriptive suggestions. Any reference to medicinal or health benefits is not meant to treat or diagnose any problem and is not meant to replace professional medical advice and should not take the place of any prescribed medication that has been prescribed by a physician.