Clary Sage 100% Pure Essential Oil 12ml


Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea
Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Clary Sage Essential Oil calms the nerves, eases stress and assists with relief from insomnia and menopause. Pleasant fragrance and is a powerfully relaxing oil on both body and mind.



Clary Sage Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea
Country of Origin: Bulgaria 
Method of Extraction: Steam distillation
Plant Part: Herb/ Flowering tops & foliage Clary Sage Essential Oil calms the nerves, eases stress & assists with relief from insomnia.
It helps reduce deep seated tension yet remains stimulating, regenerative and revitalising.
Used used to relieve a wide range of gynaecological conditions including menstrual cramps, delayed and painful menstruation, plus complaints associated with menopause such as hot flushes, night sweats, irritability and headaches.

Clary sage oil has a surprisingly wide range of uses, and with its natural affinity with the female reproductive organs it is surely one of the most important essential oils for a woman. It provides relief and support through all the reproductive and hormonal phases of her life; antispasmodic properties help relieve period cramps, an emmenagogic action regulates scanty periods, its calming action is invaluable for PMT and studies have shown it to ease pain during labour.

There is a popular misconception that emmenagogic essential oils are unsafe during pregnancy because they are abortifacient and may lead to a miscarriage. This is incorrect, and in ‘Essential Oil Safety’(1) Tisserand states that emmenagogic oils present no danger in aromatherapy, and clary sage is listed as safe (when used externally) during pregnancy. This misunderstanding has been exacerbated due to S. sclarea being confused with S. lavandulifolia – which is an abortifacient.

During the menopause, clary sage essential oil relieves the excessive perspiration associated with hot flushes and imparts a balancing and strengthening effect, perhaps due to the oils estrogenic like action.  erfully relaxing oil on both body and mind, which together with its renowned ‘euphoric’ effect makes it invaluable with all types of anxiety, depression and stress. Aromatherapists always advise clients not to take alcohol after using a high percentage of clary sage in treatments since it is reputed to increase the effects of alcohol.

When used in skin care this oil brings useful anti-ageing properties, and on the mind it helps with the grieving process and dispels negative thoughts and emotions.


Add 3-4 drops to an oil vaporiser, add 4 drops to every 10 ml of carrier oil for adults.
Use it in an evening bath or a few drops on the pillow

Energetics, Emotions and Chakras

2nd Chakra- relationships, 6th Chakra – understanding[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 7 cm

Energetics and Chakras

Energetics and Chakras

1st Chakra – survival and support, 2nd Chakra – relationships, creation energy, 3rd Chakra – personal power, 6th Chakra – perspective,

Balancing, Clarity, Expansive, Introspective, Protective, Purifying, Transformative, Unconditional love, Uplifting



Keep out of the reach of children, may cause skin sensitivity if undiluted, do not take internally.  Store away from light and below 30°c.

Please also refer to our detailed safety information blog.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided purely for informational purposes only, and does not in any way purport to be medical or prescriptive suggestions. Any reference to medicinal or health benefits is not meant to treat or diagnose any problem and is not meant to replace professional medical advice and should not take the place of any prescribed medication that has been prescribed by a physician.

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