Fragonia Essential Oil 12ml


Fragonia Essential Oil 12ml
Botanical Name: Agonis fragrans

Country of origin: Unique to Australia Only 

Fragonia ™ is sometimes referred to as the “MAGIC OIL”.
The uniqueness of Fragonia essential oil is its ability to work at a deep level, releasing both mental, physical and emotional blockages. Balances hormones and aids sleep patterns of shift workers too. This essential oil possesses the ability to bring harmony, peace and balance the auric spiritual field.

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Fragonia ™ is sometimes referred to as the “MAGIC OIL”, because it seems to work on whatever level that is needed to help the body, mind, or spirit find balance, and to reset old patterns.

To quote globally-renowned medical aromatherapy researcher, Dr Daniel Pénoël MD, “Fragonia™ is the oil for the new millennium. Australia’s gift to the Aromatherapy world. Fragonia has Perfect Balance.

As a regulating/balancing oil, we have found that it can help with stuck, congestive and interrupted conditions and bring the body’s natural healing abilities into balance.  This is a native Australian essential oil that calls you to that place in your higher consciousness, where you are connected to something far greater than yourself.  Resilience is built and extra-ordinary shifts can occur in your psyche, where you can celebrate life, despite any imbalance, disharmony or emotional trauma and pain.

To use Fragonia essential oil as a hormone balancer and to aid with PMS – we suggest 1 drop on the soles of your feet when going to bed.

Alternatively, you could try placing a couple of drops down the spine and on the occipital ridge with the intention to release any patterns that no longer serve you.

Very complementary when combined with Kunzea (Kunzea ambigua). Dr. Pénoël  suggests 2 drops of Fragonia essential oil and 2 drops of Kunzea then Australian essential oils have you covered.

The Fragonia Plantation

A husband and wife team continue to harvest the Fragonia from their farm in the south west of Western Australia, and own the Trademark.

The flowers are also cut and used in the florist industry.

Fragonia essential oil is relatively new to the aromatherapy industry, first identified in 2001, and has the potential to be a unique, new aroma with many special qualities.

Dr. Daniel Pénoël (one of the most well-respected essential oil authorities in the world), medical doctor, educator, researcher, and author, conducted several emotional and psychological trials with the oil and developed the theory of its balancing properties, after he was introduced to the oil in 2005 by Mark Webb.

More recently, a study in the British Medical Journal has reported that Fragonia essential oil was considered helpful for improving sleep, tension and anxiety.

To protect and retain the purity of Fragonia, the trade mark ™ was registered and Australian Essential Oils and Botanical Gifts purchase the original ™ Fragonia.

Additional information

Weight 0.07 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 7 cm




Botanical Name Fragonia™ –Agonis fragrans
Common Names Coarse Tea Tree.
Origin Australia, South-west Western Australia
Botanical Family Myrtaceae
Farming Method Ethically farmed in limited Western Australia plantations
Extraction Method Timely harvested and steam distilled
Plant Part Leaves and branchlets
Chemical Family Oxides, monoterpenes and monoterpenols.
Main Activities 1.8 cineole, alpha-pinene & linalool. It is an extremely balanced oil, with the oxides (cineole), monoterpenes (alpha-pinene) and monoterpenols (linalol and others) in near perfect 1:1:1 ratio.
Aroma Fresh, Floral, Fragrant, Woody
Perfume Note Top
Consistency Thin, watery
Colour Clear or colourless
Shelf Life 5 years

Common Body System Uses

Common Body Systems Uses

Circulatory: Arthritis/rheumatism.
Immune: Strengthens and balances.
Limbic: Mental fatigue, emotional clearing.
Endocrine: *Hormones,* Glands include the pineal gland, pituitary gland, pancreas, ovaries, testes, thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, and adrenal glands.
Musuclar: Aches, pains, pulled muscles.
Nervous: Headache, migraine, neuralgia.
Respiratory: Bronchitis, congestion, sinusitis.

In the Home: Room cleanser, clearing, air purifier.
Auric Field: Balance with Chakras.
Body Clock: Sleep, jet lag and shift workers aid.

How To Use

How To Use

In an oil burner, vaporiser, potpourri, meditation, room freshener, massage oil, baths, use as an attractive perfume fragrance.

Add 2 to 4 drops in an oil burner or vaporiser, 1 to 2 drops into a bath.

Use 10 to 25 drops per 100ml of carrier oil.

Blends with

Blends with

Eucalyptus oils, Lemon Myrtle, Lemon Tea Tree, Kunzea, Niaouli, Rosemary, Tea.

Therapeutic Properties

Therapeutic Properties

Analgesic, anti-allergenic, anti-asthmatic, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, antioxidant, anti-spasmodic, anti-viral, expectorant, hormone balancer, strengthening-immune system, auric cleanser.



In working with Fragonia™, as a practitioner it is important to know the chemical constituents and the properties associated. Following are the general percentage ranges of the constituents of Fragonia:

alpha-pinene                                        22-27%
beta-pinene                                            1-2%
limonene                                                 2-3%
para-cymene                                          2-4%
1,8 cineole                                            27-33%
linalool                                                    7-13%
terpinene-4-ol                                         2-5%
alpha-terpineol                                        5-8%
myrtenol                                                  3-5%

Energetics, Emotions and Chakras

Energetics, Emotions and Chakras

Agonis is the Greek meaning of  ‘gathering or collection’

Expansive yet grounding
Unblocks and release of old patterns
Depth in dreaming
Assists in re-balancing of the psyche

1st Chakra – Root Chakra, survival & support.
2nd Chakra – Sacral Chakra, relationships, creation energy.
3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra, personal power.
4th Chakra – Heart Chakra, unconditional love.
5th Chakra – Throat Chakra, speaking truth.
6th Chakra – Third eye, perspective, balancing, clarity, expansive, grounding, source energy.
7th Chakra – Crown chakra, higher information.
Auric Field – Protection, cleansing, re-balancing the psyche.

For detailed information on Chakra’s please click here

Safety and Precautions

Safety and Precautions

Keep out of reach of children, store away from sunlight and below 30°.

Please also see general SAFETY FIRST BLOG for detailed information

Precautions: No known specific safety concerns associated with this oil.
This is a very balanced and safe oil. Very mild and safe on most skin types.
Gentle for children and the elderly.

Disclaimer: This information is provided purely for informational purposes only, and does not in any way purport to be medical or prescriptive suggestions. Any reference to medicinal or health benefits is not meant to treat or diagnose any problem and is not meant to replace professional medical advice and should not take the place of any prescribed medication that has been prescribed by a physician.


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