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Australian Essential Oil Household Uses

Household Uses

General Cleaning Indoors

Air Freshener

A number of Australian native essential oils are remarkably fresh, some of the best for use in an air freshener are Fragonia, Honey Myrtle, Kunzea, Lemon Myrtle, Lemon Tea Tree, Rosalina (Lavender Tea Tree) and any of the Eucalypts.

All Purpose Cleaner

Mix 40 drops Eucalyptus ‘Australiana’ with 20 drops of Lemon Myrtle and 50 drops of Tea Tree with 20ml white vinegar. Add to 200ml of water. Shake well, spray on area, and wipe off. Use to help clean surfaces, deodorise rubbish bins etc.

Also, wipe telephones, door handles kitchen benches and create a healthy home or environment.
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