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Understanding of Spirituality

Understanding of Spirituality and Learning Self-Awareness

Spirituality is more than just a word.

Spiritual & Spirituality should and needs to be one in the same

So few people on your earth plane who claim to be spiritual, who claim to have spirituality
in fact do not have any idea of what these words actually mean

To learn to be spiritual means to learn to be aware of self. (Self-awareness, Self-actualisation)

We are a 3-Part Whole.  We are a spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body.

 To be aware of self requires much practice – to look within one’s heart, to discover the ability to love. The ability one has to feel compassion for one’s fellow man. Not only to feel the love and compassion for one’s fellow man but to feel love and compassion for oneself.

There is so many people who look within who do not see that which is there.  They find anger, they find guilt, and they find lack of love.
All this can be changed.

In order to become spiritual – love and have compassion. So much is spoken about this word.

Compassion is the emotion that one feels in response to the suffering of others that motivates a desire to help.

It must be understood that Truth, Promise, Caring, Fulfilment and Satisfaction must be found within oneself, before it can be shared with others. Many you meet along your path do not know how to look within, help them, but first look within yourself.

The true learning of spirituality comes always without exception, always within your spirit

You cannot learn spirituality from without.

You can be directed, you may be taught, you may be shown how to acknowledge your spirituality, but you cannot be given spirituality from without your spirit.

It must be recognised within.

Once recognition takes place, then a greater understanding of the meaning to be spiritual and to obtain spirituality will be yours.
In greater abundance it will be yours.

Wealth and riches denote the things of intelligence and wisdom.

As you learn to be spiritual, as you learn the progress of your own spirituality and the greater understanding of what that means,
then you will be able to pass this knowledge on to your fellow man.

Your destiny is your only obligation to SELF

Destiny is Contentment, Fulfilment & Happiness


Live your truth and find your TRUE “Happy Place” within

Hugs, Love & Happiness to all

Jenni Nightingale – Self-Awareness Coach