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Which Essential Oil and Why?

Which Essential Oil?  What Type and why?

 As Facebook displayed “Happy Earth Day” today the picture is quite apt for me. The watering can and a plant growing, leaves flying around AND they look like Eucalyptus Leaves. BUT which Eucalyptus? My inquiring mind set to work.

With over 700 species of eucalyptus, as well as chemical types, common names and different parts of the plant being marketed, it is no wonder that people are so confused!  And, on top of it, most companies are labeling the oil all under the same genus of Eucalyptus.
Now that is not only confusing, but misleading!

Most choose Aroma for smell, whereas Aromatherapy, choose products for well-being therapy.
The THERAPEUTIC BENEFITS of all essential oils are to do just that, benefit ailments.
Therapeutic Grade is only American marketing hype as is organic and pure.
This applies to ANY Essential Oil regardless of brand. Fragrance oils are not rated.

‘Pure What’ , ‘Rated What’, we must ask, as everything we smell has an impact on our health and well-being.

Think of the ABOVE, before you think about the price


Think of BELOW to understand the basics for your Health & Well-Being.

What is in a candle, what is in incense , what is in a spray, what is in essential oils – chemicals. Good or Bad, your health is your choice. Connect with the earth today, HUG A TREE or a PLANT because they are natures medicine.
1) What is the Botanical Name? Important-Eucalyptus Which one?
2) What is the Country of Origin   – Climate and soil
3) What is the Chemical Type  – Therapeutic properties i.e. Immuno-stimulant
4) What is the Chemical Profile – The actual chemical percentages
The time of day and how the oil is processed can also change chemical profile.
5) As previously explained in the 5 Pillars of health, this IS number 5.  It is up to us, the consumer, to know our own health profile and our own medications and/or supplements lists first. Then look at the precautions for each oil.

Suggestions of ingesting should only be made by a Qualified Professional who also understands YOUR specific Number 5.

“Happy Earth Day” my friends, don’t forget, HUG a TREE on any day!

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